Shadows Of The Summertime

John Ralston - Shadows Of The SummertimeI made a beautiful album with some of my closest friends in the world. This new album is called Shadows of the Summertime.


Pressed on Vinyl, hand numbered, limited to 500 copies, and comes with a digital download of the entire album. Price includes shipping.

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Physical CDs are also available as a PREORDER. CDs will ship by the end of March.

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Digital Downloads available through BandCamp.
“Love Will Come Around”
VIDEO: “Shadows Of The Summertime” Dan Bonebrake, Michael Seaman, David Vandervelde, John Ralston – performing live in Nashville at the Basement.



1. Bedroom Walls

2. Solitude and Vine

3. This Summer

4. Love Will Come Around

5. Shadows Of The Summertime

6. Pretty Little Heart

7. Robert’s Bar

8. Gas & Matches

9. Oh Lord

10. Higher Road