John Ralston - Photo by Monica McGivern

I live in Lake Worth, FL and always have, mostly. When I haven’t been there, I have been traveling around and around North America playing music. I have played at the dregs and at the pearls. I have played at places long-gone but not forgotten: Places like the Fireside Bowl in Chicago and CBGB’s in NYC. I have played at places with names soon forgotten and I have played at MSG. I have played basements and I have played outside in the winter cold after shows. I have played to no one and I have played to sold out shows.

My first album, Needle Bed, was made with the help of some friends in 2005. Then I re-released Needle Bed on June 6, 2006 with Vagrant, with whom I also partnered for my second album Sorry, Vampire. White Spiders EP and a UK tour came next. Since then, I have been battling. Winning and losing. But, in the end, I was able to make a beautiful album with some of my closest friends in the world. That album is called Shadows of the Summertime. Life is beautiful like that. In the words of Beckett, “I can’t go on. I’ll go on.” I also just released a vinyl single “Jesus Christ” b/w “A Marigny Xmas” with some new friends at 24 Hour Service Station. Wheels are turning. Good vibrations.


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Check out “Love Will Come Around” from Shadows Of The Summertime :


“Love Will Come Around”