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Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ | A Marigny XmasI teamed up with the good folks at 24 Hour Service Station to release a new single:
“Jesus Christ” b/w “A Marigny Xmas”
Dan Bonebrake and Deric Dickens provide the rhythm section here. Pressed on white and red vinyl just in time for the holidays. Purchase the vinyl and receive the digital versions of both songs via email as well as a demo version of “A Marigny Christmas.” Pressing is super limited to 300 total copies; 150 red and 150 white.


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‘Jesus Christ’ is a bit of gem all said, the draping of looping drone chimes endow it with an enchanting quietly epic demeanour that sounds for all the world as though through the silent flurry of blurring snow drifts an oncoming cavalry is navigating the frost tipped landscapes homeward bound whilst despatched amid a sonic coda that not for the first time (and I suspect not the last) in this missive loosely coils itself delicately around a melodic motif subtly threaded from ‘little drummer boy’ – that said we here are thinking that long time admirers of Cheval Sombre and the like should lap this up. Flip the disc for the utterly adoring and disarming honey toned countrified traits of ‘a marigny Christmas’ – a softly tendered swaying strum drilled nugget tempered and turned with just the right requisite amount of smoked and stoked homebound and heart heaving warmth as to have you stopping dead in your tracks and sparing time for a moment of reflection. May break hearts.

“A Marigny Christmas”

*Photography by Monica McGivern


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